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My trip down the Yellow Brick Road through activism, stand-up, and politics
by Tom Ammiano


ISBN 978-0-926664-39-5

A wild ride through the mind of Tom Ammiano.

softcover, 240 pages

Bay Guardian Books



"In early October 2009, I was invited to attend a San Francisco Democratic Party banquet at the Hoo-ha Hotel, also known as the Fairmont, in Union Square.  Then up comes Arnold Schwarzenegger to the dais.  There’s a stunning silence.  He starts to talk.  “Ah, hallo.  I’m Mister Ahnald.”  Some crap like that.  Like we didn’t know he was the same person who had just vetoed the bill to legalize same-sex marriage.  Like he didn’t veto every fucking labor bill.  Like he didn’t veto the transgender rights bill and so many other Democratic bills.  People started to stand up in protest.  It was like we were suddenly at a big rowdy wedding or something.  People in the crowd start to yell at Arnold: “Fuck you!  Get out of here!  Boo!”  Then I got up and joined in.  I said something more specific: “Kiss my gay ass!”  Apparently people heard me, which was the idea."

- excerpted from Chapter 9 of Kiss My Gay Ass

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